Why does Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser come with a squeeze top instead of a trigger sprayer?

Enzyme cleaners work differently from common household cleaners. They need enough time to penetrate the stain and “eat” the biological compounds that cause stains and odors. And they can only do that when the stain is saturated with the cleaner. Carpet, upholstery, and fabrics are more difficult to penetrate with a spray bottle, so the universal squeeze top is the best solution and can be used on textiles and hard surfaces alike. However, a spray bottle for vertical surfaces is in production.

What surfaces does Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser work on?

You should always spot-test an area before full application. However, Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser is generally considered safe to use on tile, carpet, vinyl plank flooring, vinyl sheet flooring, wood flooring, walls, upholstery, mattresses, dog beds, leashes, plush toys, machine washable clothing, blankets, and even artificial turf.

How long do I need to leave Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser to effectively remove odors and stains?

For carpets, upholstery, and fabrics, saturate the stain area and leave on for 12-24 hours. For hard floors like ceramic tile, wood, or vinyl, after wiping or picking up the bulk of the pet mess, apply the product cover the entire stain area. Let the product penetrate the area, 5-10 minutes for sealed surfaces, and 3-5 minutes for unsealed surfaces. Then gently wipe away most of the liquid, leaving some dampness to air dry.

Does Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser act as a deterrent against my pet soiling the same area again?

When used according to directions, No-Stress Mess Eraser completely eliminates organic pet stains and odors. Your pet won't smell the mess anymore, which may prevent them from resoiling the area. However, we can't guarantee this because your pet may be drawn to that particular area for other reasons, such as territory claiming or simply out of habit. Visit the Kinderbean blog to learn more.

How do I use Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser to clean urine off of a wall or other vertical surface?

If you have an empty spray bottle handy, rinse it out well and pour Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser inside so you can spray the product onto a vertical surface.

Is Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser Safe for Pets?

Yes, Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser is safe to use around pets. Some popular enzyme cleaners contain harsh chemicals or strong odors which may irritate, or be unsafe for, your pet. Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser’s subtle scent comes from natural essential oils. While generally considered safe for your pet’s environment, your pet should not be allowed to ingest Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser and you should never apply it on your pet’s skin, fur, or body.

Can Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser be used in carpet and upholstery machines?

Yes! Simply open the screw top and pour into your machine at a ratio of 1 part Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser to 4 parts water.

If your machine is equipped with a drying function, be sure to turn it off to allow the enzymes in Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser to fully penetrate the soiled area.

Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser is a non-foaming product.

Does Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser work on very old stains?

Yes, it can. Customers report Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser as effective at removing old stains as old ones. Always follow the directions carefully and re-treat the area as often as necessary to eliminate the stain and odor. You may choose to use a black light to ensure the stain is fully removed.

Does Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser Have a Strong Scent?

Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser has a very subtle citrus scent derived from natural sources, including essential oils. While other popular products use strong odorants, we believe in the power of our enzymatic formula to neutralize, not mask, odors from pet waste.

Who created the Kinderbean No-Stress Mess Eraser?

The Kinderbean brand is the labor of love from devoted pet parent and blogger, Kristen Levine. Her dog, Chilly (affectionately called “Chilly Bean”) was the inspiration behind the name, “Kinderbean.” As a small business owner and pet mom to over 30 pets in her lifetime, she understood the frustration pet parents have over their pet’s indoor peeing, pooping, and puking. After becoming disenchanted with cleaning options on the market, she decided to launch her first pet mess cleaning product in 2022.