• "Honestly impressed with how fast this worked… I saw the stain disappearing before I was even finished with the steps. Doesn’t have a strong smell and the cleaned area of carpet was nice and soft (no residual sticky feeling). Would definitely recommend!" - K.S.

  • "This product works beautifully. It took care of my cat’s peeing accident. It is easy to use and mildly scented. All natural - I highly recommend it!" - Dianed

  • "Bought this product for my mom's sweet little Bischon Frise who started marking inside prior to being neutered. This is definitely helping alleviate repeat markings; helping him forget that nasty little habit." - Stephanie C.


Made with all natural ingredients, our powerful, bio-enzymatic formula biodegrades odor and stain molecules, leaving nothing behind. It starts working on contact to completely remove both visible and invisible organic pet stains and stink.

  • Ingredients

    Natural spring water, enzyme blend, organic surfactants (including palm, coconut and jojoba oils), tea tree and citrus essential oil